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Raising teens can be the most incredible and fun journey. It can also be confusing, frightening and lonely at times. Some of our tweens and teens are struggling with their mental health and I wanted to create a space where parents and carers could find guidance and support, but mostly – Hope!  

I love working with teenagers. It’s true! I adore their energy, passion and willingness to question. My experience has taught me that despite some teens facing mental health challenges or making unhealthy behaviour choices, when presented with tools that can help them grow into stronger, healthier versions of themselves, they are usually brave enough to try them out.

This website doesn’t replace tailored advice from a registered professional, but it is a place where you can find; a little bit of humour, a whole lot of support, information on some of the most common questions I get asked at the end of parenting seminars, and of course current psychological research on teens and tweens, in very practical terms. It also has information and links to well-known experts, on adolescent development, so that you can get on with the job that you do best. That is – supporting, connecting with and loving your teenager.

My parenting mantra is this, “Parent with your child’s future adult in mind.” Please join me as we do just that.  

It’s great to have you along!”

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Or, if you prefer to listen along in your car or on the bus, please head over to my podcast, ‘Raising Teens – with Collett Smart’. Ours was the first podcast dedicated to parenting teens in Australia.

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About the Author

My name is Collett Smart. I am a psychologist, qualified teacher, speaker and internationally published author, with over 25 years experience working in private and public schools, as well as in private practice. You might catch me on national television, as the resident psychologist for ‘Helping Hands’ on Channel 9, where I chat about teen and family issues. I am also the host of a podcast called, ‘Raising Teens’ – with Collett Smart, with a Sydney-based radio station. It was the first of its kind in Australia!

I have taught and delivered psychology seminars around the world. I currently live in Sydney, with my husband and 3 children, aged 23, 21 and 16 years-old.

My parenting book, ‘They’ll be Okay: 15 Conversations to help your child through troubled times’ is published by Hachette (The blog will contain a bunch of free content from my book). This and other book contributions can be found on the resources page.

My author website is at collettsmart.com

I’d love to work with you, your school or community group. Seminar topics can be found here.

Please get in touch at info@raisingteenagers.com.au or on the Contact page.



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