Corporate clients


Organisations are seeking ways that they can support working parents. These are the ‘Lunch and Learn’ topics offered.

Raising Kids who Flourish 

– Resilient Kids; in life, relationships & their online world

 This seminar includes: 

  • Understanding children’s emotion and behaviour
  • The factors that develop resilience in kids
  • Who matters to chidren and why?
  • What leads to flourishing?
  • Ideas on HOW to communicate with young people when things go wrong.
  • Practical tips for enhancing a parent’s relationship with their children & teenagers.


Family Wellbeing 

– supporting mental health

This seminar includes:

  • The signs and symptoms of anxiety in kids
  • Stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Recognising the triggers for anxiety in young people
  • Enhancing wellbeing (through mental, physical and social resilience factors)
  • How to practically support anxious children at school.



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