Teachers, chaplains, counsellors, allied health…

A Mental Health Toolkit

– supporting students with anxiety, in the classroom

This seminar includes:

  • The signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression in adolescents at school
  • Recognising what exacerbates anxiety in students i.e. triggers
  • Relevant support systems (recognising mental, physical and social resilience factors)
  • How to practically support anxious students in the classroom and whole school settings


Supporting communities in building Resilient Families

This 90 minute to 3 hour training workshop includes:

  • The factors that develop resilience in teens
  • The research on what young people need from the adults and carers in their lives
  • Practical tips for practitioners in empowering parents’ relationships with their teenagers


Talking to young people about Respectful Relationships

This 3 hour training workshop includes:

  • Information based on empirical evidence
  • Practical training for PDHPE, health and pastoral care teachers, and chaplains
  • Lesson ideas and outlines for talking to students about healthy relationships, consent, respect, the risks and effects of sexualised media and p*rnography in a #metoo world


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