Wellbeing with Collett

Who are these videos for?

I’ve put together a collection of my videos for parents, counsellors, youth leaders, teachers, anyone… working with, loving and supporting tweens and teens.

You will gain valuable information and insight into what research says works, in everyday family life, and especially in the lives and minds of young people. Sometimes I share bits about my own failings and findings too. Life can be a journey of continual growth, if we let it be. If you are open to learning something new about yourself and your teens, I am sure there will be something here for you.

I have a weekly segment on Sunday mornings on Channel 7, as the resident psychologist for Mums At the Table, called ‘Wellbeing with Collett’. You can see more of these videos over on my You Tube Channel.

(Otherwise, if you prefer listening along in your car or on your commute to work, please pop over to my podcasts/audio page.)


Head over to my You Tube Channel for more ‘Wellbeing with Collett’ videos.


Raising Teens is a place where you will find current psychological research on teens and tweens, in practical terms. It also has information and links to well-known experts, on adolescent development, so that you can get on with the job that you do best. That is – supporting, connecting with and loving your teen.



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Conversations with Teens

About the Author

My name is Collett Smart. I am a psychologist, qualified teacher, speaker, podcaster and internationally published author, with more than 25 years experience working in private and public schools, as well as in private practice. I am married and have 3 children aged aged 22, 20 and 14 years-old. Welcome to Raising Teens!

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