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Collett has been working with Hope 103.2 since 2011. Listen to a selection of her podcasts on parenting here:


Previous Interviews:

My teen is lying to me – what should I do?


How to be the ‘Lighthouse Parent’


New Year 12 Rites of Passage in Covid times


The Rites of Passage our Class of 2020 is missing out on


9 Practical Ways to support anxious kids as they return to school


Boys can be mean too – supporting our sons


Friendship issues – when your teen feels rejected.


Losing at sport – how failure builds character (but it’s a tough one!)


Gratitude – for health and resilience.


Growth mindset vs Fixed mindset kids.


Helping parents navigate the Fornite craze.


Why resilient kids are becoming fragile teens (and how to change that).


Hugging our kids could make them smarter.


Helping mend bridges after an argument with your child.


When social media both helps and hurts our girls.


How volunteering is good for kids and teens


Why chores are good for kids’ and teens’ development.


Our teens want to know about ‘love education’.


Handling a rebellious teenager – 10 tips.


Teens, parties and drinking.


ADHD is not ‘bad parenting’.


Teens and social media.


Collett discusses anxiety in kids and teens.


Talking to kids and teens about p*rn.


Building a relationship with your teen.


Talking to children about sex and development (preteen years).


Talking to our children about grief and loss.


Exams – Supporting your teen through final exams.


Date nights – Keeping your relationship alive and strong (parent related topic).

Collett’s interviews on local, national and international radio:


ABC RN – Life Matters – Talk back: Conversations with children and teens. Collett Smart and Alex Snow with Hilary Harper. 

ABC Radio Perth – Focus –  Parenting teenagers in today’s world – How to talk to your children about uncomfortable, yet fundamentally important topics, with Jessica Strutt. 

Dads of the AirAll things Dads and Parenting. Collett in conversation with Bill Kable. 

RNZ National – Radio New Zealand – Conversations to Help your Teen Through troubled Times.

Feed Play Love with Shevonne Hunt – ‘Why we need to start talking to our kids about sex now.’ – Listen here

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