Raising Resilient Teens 

– in life, relationships & their online world

This seminar includes: 

  • Understanding teen emotion and behaviour
  • The factors that develop resilience in teens
  • Who matters to teens and why?
  • What leads to teen flourishing?
  • Ideas on HOW to communicate with young people when things go wrong.
  • Practical tips for enhancing a parent’s relationship with their teenagers.


Teen Wellbeing 

– a mental health toolkit

This seminar includes:

  • The signs and symptoms of mental health struggles in adolescents
  • Stress, anxiety and depression – the differences
  • Recognising risk factors
  • Strategies for enhancing wellbeing 
  • How to practically support your teen’s mental health

The Healthy Relationships Toolkit

– for parents of High Schoolers (the reason Collett wrote, ‘THEY’LL be OKAY’)

This seminar includes:

  • The foundations of Relationship Intelligence (RI) and personal values
  • Appropriate ages for talking about body safety, sex and sexualised media
  • How to talk to tweens and teens about exposure to ‘adult content’ online, before exposure occurs
  • How to respond when your child comes across p*rnography
  • Conversation ideas on consent and respectful relationships


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