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“In a time when parenting is a bewildering experience for many with the prevalence of the smart phone and the pace of modern life, Collett Smart’s seminars have been an invaluable source of measured advice and encouragement to our parents. Our students have also found her forums helpful in navigating life as a teenager in the 21st century. Collett is articulate, wise and her work is based on sound research.” (Julia Anstey, Head of Senior School, Meriden Girls’ School)

“Your passion, engaging manner and depth of research made your presentation extremely informative and enjoyable. Both parents and staff gained a great deal of insight from your presentation. I left with a sense that many parents were really challenged about how they monitor, supervise and guide their children in the use of technology in their own homes. I also believed they felt very confronted by the thought that their child has most likely been willingly or unwillingly exposed to inappropriate material online. This was one of my goals of the evening, so thank you for making this a reality. You are doing a great thing for our community. (Steve Grice, Assistant Principal, Penrith Christian School)

“Thanks to Collett for a wonderful, relevant final keynote at our Deepening the Journey Conference. Her 2 hours not only presented the issues our young people face but also provided strategies for TRJ teachers…and perhaps most importantly…hope.” Andrew Lines (Developer and Director of The Rite Journey)

“I wanted to congratulate you on the superb seminar you presented last night.  It was informative, engaging and the use of different media and learning styles superb. I loved that some of the deeply disturbing aspects were tempered with some more lighthearted moments.  I loved that you were willing and courageous enough to share of yourself.” Geoff (Chaplain, delegate at Supporting youth in a world of iSex, Youth workers’ seminar, Sydney)

“Overall, this was one of the best-attended and most positively responded to sessions we have ever presented. The feedback was excellent – Almost unanimously people agreed that the pace, presentation, variety of ways information was communicated, together with the PowerPoints and times of discussion made for an excellent afternoon.” Jenny (co-ordinator for City Care, Youth Mental Health Workers seminar, Sydney)

“Thank you so much for coming to Northcross last night to present on Resilience. I have had wonderful feedback from parents and staff. I loved your delivery and real life examples. You are certainly very gifted at what you do!” (Northcross Christian School)

“What I love about Collett’s message is, that the world of technology brings a richness to our lives that we have never known in this way before! We were enlightened by a presentation of the many positive aspects that come with access to the internet and through the myriad of technical devices that are available to our children today. This was beautiful to hear, as so often we forget that this exists. Collett then took us on a journey that shocked many, making very clear that these ‘positives’ come with dangers. Unprotected and unmanaged, our young teens CAN enter a world that is dark and addictive and she shares of where our children can go when they are exposed to these, and how easy it is for this to happen! The internet sites that she listed are quite accessible to our children. The sites she listed are also unbelievably shocking for our children! WHy would we ever want to leave them vulnerable in these places?” Kath McNee (Director, Family Filter)

“Collett’s talks at our conference were fresh, personal and jam packed with incredibly helpful insights for parents and professionals alike. Collett has an impressive knowledge of technology and practical ways we can protect and equip our children to deal with the realities they face each day.” Sallie Hammond (Author and ‘The Parenting Course’ creator, and Manager at Fusion Australia)

“Thank you so much for arranging for Collett to come to Northside and talk to parents in her very tight timetable. Our parents have not stopped talking about this presentation.” (Living Stones school, Harare, Zimbabwe)

“The amount of Information you provided was perfect. You were very relatable and engaging. The way you encouraged and empowered youth leaders was incredible.” (Understanding Youth mental Health – Youth leaders’ seminar, Sydney)

The best #PD is that which features real-life anecdotes and strategies. Thank you Collett for your ideas on #ADHD! (Tweet by delegate at Critical Agendas conference, Melbourne)

“I was at your talk on Friday and I was greatly blessed by the way you covered the issues, with knowledge and understanding. I especially liked how pro internet you are as opposed to how some people can be so anti internet and social media.” Tracey (Teacher & GLO co-ordinator)

“Thank you so much for your presentation last week. Cyber-safety, staying a step ahead of students and working out how best to educate and work with students and parents on cyber issues is a common welfare concern in all our schools. It is such a blessing to be able to access your expertise and learn from your experience and insight, and to develop our policies accordingly. Thank you for the way in which you tailored your presentation to our group, we all greatly appreciated all that you shared with us.” Merryn Clarksmith (Head of senior School and on behalf of the HICES Pastoral Care Network, Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation)

“Today was an impacting seminar professionally presented with accurate and current statistics. It gives understanding and perspective to many of the difficult situations we as school teachers and pastoral carers face with our students. Even though the message Collett brought to our staff was confronting it was very timely. Many of us felt more empowered to protect the potential and innocence of our students. I look forward to the next time Collett speaks to our school parent community. Well done Collett for raising awareness to the medias normalisation of youth engaging in highly sexualised activity with no consequence.” Amanda Fitzgerald (School Chaplain)

“The overall consensus was encapsulated in the following attendee comments on your topic, ‘The House that Porn Built’: I was stunned my eyes were opened; It was challenging / confronting; It increased my awareness of the issues; It is more serious than I realised; It has made me realise that I need to be more diligent with the family computer; It was informative and made me realise how serious the issue is; It was good to see how we can do something about the issue;  It has given me an awareness / understanding of how inappropriate social norms can creep into society; It brought awareness yet was hopeful for a disturbing topic.” (City Care Mental Health Professionals’ workshop, Sydney)

“Collett’s approach was refreshing, informative and insightful, tapping into the latest research about addictions and overcoming them.” Richard Hirst (MPsych)

“I found the statistics on internet pornography shocking and the manipulation of our children and teenagers incredibly disturbing. I was, however, encouraged to hear how helpful it is to keep the lines of communication open with our children and for them to believe that there is nothing they cannot ask or share with us, as their parents. I was reminded of how important it is to talk to your kids about these things because it is not ‘if’ but ‘when’ they will be confronted. Better that they know parents who love them are by their side.” SB (Mum of 4)

“I found the section on the dangers of pornography helpful for my future. Also, the part about how media companies alter photos.” Teenage girl

“Collett Smart is an engaging speaker who challenges her audience to think through the issues of modern technology and its affects on society, in particular, our children. Collett empowers parents as she takes you on a journey through the world (online), equipping parents and educators with knowledge and practical strategies.” Peter Grosskopf  (Model Farms High School P&C President)

“I found today helpful. It showed me that most teenagers are going through things.” Middle School Boy

“With a compelling not condemning approach, Collett speaks with clarity and reveals the emotional, mental and physical keys to keeping our children safe with technology!” Trish (B Ed, Primary Teacher)

“Thanks for taking on the task of addressing a difficult topic (pornography). Thanks particularly for not sugar coating. Its out there. Its a serious issue and we can not ignore it…” Jake (Middle School Teacher)

“Wow, what a seminar!!! Jammed packed with information regarding a very sensitive/difficult topic, presented brilliantly by Collett. The information I found quite confronting and definitely an eye opener, however, useful for me as a Mother of three boys. I really recommend it to all parents.” L.S (mum of 3)

“I am a regular listener of your show. I am a stay home mum with two beautiful children. I am so encouraged daily by the radio station. You have also introduced me to Collett Smart who I could absolutely listen to every day of the week. She is so fabulous, realistic, insightful and so encouraging.” (Email sent to FM103.2, from a mother in Belrose, Sydney)

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