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Ideas to Manage T(w)een Anxiety About COVID-19

Ideas to Manage T(w)een Anxiety About COVID-19

Like many reading this, I am a parent (I have 3 children, one already an adult) – and the talk of COVID-19 has been part of our daily conversation in the last few weeks. A study about empowering families during a healthcare crisis recommends the C-A-R-E approach. Engaging the CARE principles helps young people and families feel empowered. It reduces, and may even improve the risk of anxiety and trauma responses.

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Raising Teens is a place where you will find current psychological research on teens and tweens, in practical terms. It also has information and links to well-known experts, on adolescent development, so that you can get on with the job that you do best. That is – supporting, connecting with and loving your teen.



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